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High Quality Load Cell in India

Load cell are the best invention as it converts a force like compression, pressure, torque or tension into a signal (electric) which we can measured. When we apply force on the load cell, then the electrical signal changes proportionally with it. There are so many load cell but most used load cell are strain gauge, hydraulic and pneumatic. We can also call them a force transducer.

There are many load cells provider all over India. Kanta King is the one among all of them which provide you with high quality load cell in India. They are the experts in Industrial Weighing Automation in which they provide the services like Truck Weighing, Silo Weighing, Industrial Automation, On-board Weighing, Turnkey Projects and Rent A Weighbridge.

Truck Weighing – Kanta King is so much experienced in manufacturing and supplying a wide range of high-quality Truck Weighing services. They are using high-grade raw material in order to make the load cell. They offer analogue load cell approved to OIML C4 and NTEP IIIL up to 60 tones and having digital load cells with open protocol, approved to OIML C4 up to 60 tones. They have the special version of the T95 load cell for high accuracy WIM and axle weighing system.

Silo Weighing – This contains three or four load cell, each of them comes with a weighing module, a junction box and a weight indicator.

Industrial Automation – In order to increases productivity Kanta king set up a Industrial Automation. In this they gives you automatic security checks so that there is no miss happenings. This makes it the best Industrial load cell in Delhi.

On-Board Weighing – In this part, there is a weighing system for all wheel/ front loaders so that you have all the data of weighing material.

Turnkey Projects – The perfect model is the key of Kanta King. They design the weight station facility, construct the weighing system, and give them a design and then handover to the client. Things come with a plan results in success. This makes Kanta King, the provider of high-quality load cell in India.

Rent A WeighBridge – In this, you can rent a Lorry weighbridge for up to 36 months on a reasonable package.

Those are the services which Kanta King offers and become one of the best providers of Industrial load cell in Delhi. They provide you with the best service in terms of products and they are authorized distributors in India. There are many Industrial load cells in Delhi but with Kanta King, you experience all in a better way.

Double Ended Load Cell stands for the load cell have ended on both sides and all the weight comes in middle. They are used to measure shear strain which creates because of the applied load. Shear beam load cell is the best option for industrial weighing automation system. They are made up of alloy, aluminum, stainless and tool steel. Kanta King is one of the best providers of double-ended load cell in Delhi.

So if anyone looking for Industrial Weighing Solutions they must connect with Kanta King.

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If you want greater control of your weighing operation, the INDUSTRIAL WEIGHING AUTOMATION SYSTEM is an optional controller is a valuable tool. You can automate more of the dispensing, filling, and batching stations by using the app. This allows you to change workers to tasks requiring more significant interaction with people.

The user-friendliness of this device, as well as productivity gains on their facilities, were extremely positive for customer feedback.

The user can enter up to eight target weight values to automate filling and PLC essential function using set point controls in INDUSTRIAL WEIGHING AUTOMATION SYSTEM. If the weight value is reached, it sends an electronic signal which either switches on or off certain appliances. For instance, the maximum weight value of a drum is set, and the filling pump is triggered.

The controller shuts off the filling pump once the goal weight is achieved.

This process can also be reversed. If you want to learn if you need to re-fill a content tank, you should enter the lowest target weight before re-filling. Once that weight has been achieved, you or a designated worker will be alerted by an alarm or email of the drum again.

Organizations need to capture, process, and analyze weight data for project costs, patterns, and cost-benefit analysis if they need to balance the scales for their items.

We understand that our large scale models meet not all our customers ‘ needs. If you have a system in place, and you need a size that fits in, we will speak to you about the specifications and create a tailor-made solution to suit your current system.

Specific methods of industrial weighing call for different solutions to the industrial scale. These solutions are offered by industry automation companies in Delhi in a wide range of capacities, device dimensions, and resolutions. The common theme throughout the whole line is a secure industrial building, efficiency, and direct value for the factory.

Industrial Automation Weighbridge Delhi offers multiple functional levels, depending on the problems and pain areas foreseen by the specific vertical market. To provide insightful solutions, they focus on a consultative approach to understanding the particular business needs of our customers.

Weights are installed/adjusted according to the needs of the construction site and the weighing tasks for indirect determinations of the filling rates or use as a feed system for raw materials and auxiliary materials.

Industrial Weighing Solution systems are used to track the mass flow of free-falling or free-flowing bulk materials. It is essential to ensure a small variance in the grain size and grain density to achieve very high accuracy of weighing performance.

Furthermore, an effective weighting result requires a high fluidity of the material. Are Not only unnecessary damages avoided but also potential contamination of the building prevented by the sealing of the weighing instrument hermetically. The system of weighting is exceptionally reliable and provides deficient maintenance.

The Industrial Weighing Automation solution provides loader weighing systems as kits that may be mounted on any truck, backhoe or tractor within a couple of hours. In the cabin of the computer, the running and display units are located. The consumer should keep his job focused on the ease of weighing equipment.

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In order to measure heavy weight, load cell is the best invention. There are many load cell in market but differ from each other by quality, material used, etc. Its design is so effective that it can convert forces such as tension, compression, pressure or torque into an electrical signal that tells us the exact weight of material.

If one is looking for Industrial Weighing Solutions then must connect with KantaKing. They provides you the best service in terms of products and they are authorized distributors in India. There are many Industrial load cells in Delhi but with KantaKing you experience all in a better way.

In Industrial Weighing Automation they have truck weighing, silo weighing, Industrial Automation, On Board Weighing, Turnkey Projects, Rent a Weighbridge. Their Services consists:

  • Consulting, Auditing & Certification:

In this portion consulting of the services includes checking the quality and auditing the risk. Managing the reports and provide you the government certified products.

  • Weighbridge Management Service:

In this portion training, automation, software support and system integration provides so that you won’t face any difficulty in revenue because of damaged and erratic weighing particles.

  • Weighbridge Calibration Service:

It is very necessary to give the products required service on time in order to avoiding unwanted problems. In this portion you get the assurance of service which KantaKing provide in every 6months.

It offers Double ended load cell in Delhi. Double ended load cell stands for the load cell have ended on both sides and all the weight comes in middle. They are used to measure shear strain which creates because of the applied load. Shear beam load cell is the best option for industrial weighing automation system. And KantaKing is the best provider of Shear beam load cell in Delhi.

The compression load cell is also available in KantaKing. They are basically used to carry heavy loads in industries of aerospace, automotive, agricultural and manufacturing. They apply compressive stress on objects so that it reduces their time and save some space.

Weighbridge load cells are generally for trucks and rails. There are many weighbridge load cell which induces double ended load cell, shear beam load cell and many more. KantaKing has a specific service of Truck Weighing where those load cell applies during installation. And Weighbridge load cell provider in Delhi.

As they have so much best services to provide and Load Cell are the key in order to supporting industrial weighing automation system. In every manufacturing organization, industrial automation is the most important part in order to gain profit and increase the productivity. It’s very difficult for some organizations to eliminate challenges. But KantaKing gives their best in this scenario as well. For this they perform security checks first. They offer you an automated parking and weighbridge automation. They gives you many advanced features as well like app for loading or unloading, route planning and optimization, one can track deliveries as well. Most importantly, it gives you a notification if something is wrong or for misconduct. KantaKing is one of the high quality load cell provider in Delhi.

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Weighing systems for industrial processes we provide industrial weighting solutions and devices to measure the volume of raw materials in the input control, monitoring inventory, additional weighing and doses in various phases of the production cycle, etc.

Our company is one of the trusted companies that have a wide range of automation systems for Weighbridge. The goods are produced by experts using the finest material and advanced technology according to industry norms.

Automation weighting is a method used to automatically calculate item weights. Such systems calculate materials from the raw material phase up to the finished product process in all industries. Industries are increasingly relying on the weighting methods as these methods provide high precision and can also be used in many ways. The first way is that it detects weight measurements and transforms them into electrical shapes. Weighing automation system works twofold.

Silo Weighing / Tank Weighing Solutions:

Weighing machinery is installed/configured according to the design specifications at the facility and the weighing function for indirect determination of filling rates or as feed device for raw materials and auxiliary materials. We deliver the best options for your work if you are interested in weighing liquids, powders and granules.

Customer criteria or specifications can be implemented for existing containers/components for industrial weighing technology. You may show the weighing results locally or in a control room. We provide interfaces to enable the systems to visualize data and transfer them to the process control system.

Good machines for weighing:

Such weighing equipment is used to detect free flow or free movement of bulk materials. It is necessary to ensure a low variance in grain size and grain density to achieve a high degree of precision in weighing performance.

Moreover, a substance’s high fluidity is a requirement for an exact weighing outcome. Not only are unnecessary losses avoided, but potential contamination of the building is prevented, by hermetically sealing the weighing device. This is a highly reliable weighing process which results in deficient maintenance.

We will contribute to satisfying your needs for deciding in-house flows.

Loader Weighing Scales:

We sell loader weighing systems as kits that can be mounted on any wheel loader, backhoe or tractor within just a few hours. In the cabin of the machine are the working and viewing components. The consumer can stay focused on his job with the simple weighing equipment service.

The programming unit can be adjusted to work with multiple types and shovel weights of hydraulic systems, making shovel change simple.

It is also necessary to balance the degree of use of the shovel (loss of shovel material). The weighing data collected can be processed, printed or sent by GSM in your cabin.

Scales for belt weighing:

We are commonly used where weighing raw materials and additives on belts is needed simultaneously (dynamic balancing).

It is simple to install and easy to attach with our industrial inline weighing technology. The systems are highly shielded from dirt and need low maintenance. For very harsh manufacturing conditions, it provides high precision.

The systems are fitted with application-specific speed detection sensors. The weighing systems of the conveyor belt achieve full precision.

Detectors of metals:

In conjunction with the identification of metallic parts in manufacturing, industrial weighing machines are also frequently used. Metallic parts can damage computers in the production process or contaminate the final product due to a production process by itself or already contained in the supplied raw material.

The discovery of stainless steel, ferrous, non-ferrous metals and aluminium components during service is assured in our metal detection equipment. This enables the elimination of these undesirable metals from the flow of material and thus does not affect downstream weighing devices and other machinery.

Weighing in motion:

Growing online retail companies need in-motion weighing machinery for industrial production. Products on the packaging line must be measured statically or dynamically.

The weighing platforms must be adjusted to product measurements and weights. In the PLS (Production Lead System) of the client, several interfaces and software protocols and programmable controller units help to achieve an efficient process. Briefly, in-motion weighing scales simplify the distribution process greatly.

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We are engaged in providing the most accurate and optimal industrial weighing solutions for managing the incoming raw materials and outgoing finished goods of your firm. Our best quality electronic machines provide accuracy of measurements that further increase your profits.

Kanta king is amongst the best industrial Automation companies in Delhi. We combat pilferage and enhance customer confidence. Our load cells are based on electronic tabletop. They are functional and fast. One can easily weigh heavy automobiles and trucks for different purposes.

Additionally we provide platform scales that are a combination of weight display and weighing platform. They are available at a range of 10 kg – 5000 kg . Depending on the requirement and condition, you can select the industrial weighing automation systems and make yourself more independent.

Kanta King provides high quality electronic weighing Bridges that come with modular structures altogether. The latest models of electronic weighing Bridge are available in different sizes and capacities ranging from 30ton-100ton.

Weighing remains the most important part of all the industries no matter whether it is about handling a small scale or large size business. In almost any process industry, one should know the exact weight of the material, Blender, tank or truck in order to derive a proper conclusion. Our experts look after the load cells and provide guidance so that you can receive the best solution to every time.

We have a Certified manufacturing facility that ensures good manufacturing practice. We represent the best practices of Industrial weighing solutions and reduce the possibilities of failures and downtime.

Our sales personnel are equipped with proper training and experience to deliver you the best of experience every time. They help you to choose the correct weighing scale depending on your need and firm requirement.

Nowadays, firms are dependent on several parameters to succeed. They need to measure the temperature, material quality, texture, colour and weight to determine certain things . until and unless you have dependable industrial platform scales, it becomes difficult to further process the raw material.

The transducer device converts the force into the electrical signal using a load sensor. The larger floor scales use 4 load skills each time. The smallest scales include single load cells.

We have been the leader in the weighing industry. We have a Contribution in several Projects through our accurate and dependable solutions. Our factory made quality and pricing reduces the excess cost of distribution . you just pay for the exact weighing device purchased from us.

If you have been planning to upgrade your industrial scale, we ensure the best industrial weighing automation systems. We can surely help you to find the best weighing scale at a budgeted price. Our team is determined to serve you with unique solutions . choose amongst our load cells and industrial weighing solutions and upsurge your profits manifold.

We have intrinsic weighing scales for all types of work. The industrial measuring scales can weigh hazardous materials as well. The high quality machines are safe and explosion proof. They provide several industrial facilities and prepare products for shipping and further processing.

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The Weighbridge Manufacturer in Delhi

Through manufacturing and exporting a broad selection of complete concrete pit forms, we are one step aligned with our competitors. Such weighbridges are made with high-quality material and the best available technology. Due to the high efficiency and optimum performance of our pit, weighbridges are widely recommended worldwide.

The Pit Type weighbridge in Delhi is best suited to areas with limited areas such as non-hill areas where pit building is not an expensive business. Because the platform is ground level, vehicles can come from any direction on the weighing bridge. The design is preferred by most public weighbridges.

The Pit type weighbridges are manufactured or designed to fit in places with low or limited spaces. Amar Scales installs these products in non-hilly areas and other places, too – their pit construction is cost-effective.

They work and produce in line with the needs of the industry. They are able to offer the best pit weighbridge, which is aggressively made from the highest quality materials. Vehicles can reach the platform anyway, as it is at ground level. The Amar Scales weighbridge platforms are made of steel that ensures heavy loads are resistant.

The Pit Type weighbridge in Delhi is most appropriate for those who have trouble excavating their foundations or have costly pit construction. Since the structure is above ground level, only in two directions, where ramps are provided, may vehicles reach the weighbridge. This kind of bridge needs more space.

The market is very difficult and competitive, so the best service at the most pocket-friendly rates is crucial in order to reach the highest position. Dedicated designers and producers who work 24 hours time in Delhi thanks to the Weighbridge manufacturer in Delhi to provide well-tested weighbridges with The pit type weighbridges in Delhi, Faridabad, and throughout India.

The weighbridge manufacturer company in Delhi gives importance to our customers in order to reach the highest degree of satisfaction. We deliver top quality products that make us our customers ‘ favorite choice. These goods can be used by our customers at an economical cost. We have gained a prominent position in the industry, thanks to our experience and commitment to the profession.

The Weighbridge manufacturer in Delhi is always committed to providing customers with the perfect range of Weighbridges. The standard of each weighbridge is taken into account. At every step in the production process, they uphold the highest quality standards in compliance with international directives.

From raw materials to manufacturing, all steps are thoroughly checked to supply products that comply with the strict quality parameters set by the company in line with global quality standards.

The Weighbridge Load Cell in Delhi has gained a respectable reputation among its customers with excellent service to some of the leading brands on the market. The Weighbridge Load Cell in Delhi supplies leading vendors in the industry with the best quality products that are reliable and highly durable. Our experts then work on these products to ensure that the findings are outstanding.


  • Needed Less Space (No ramps available).
  • As a platform flush with the ground level, Rickshaws & Tractor trolleys can be weighed even.

No truck movement requires ramps as they are mounted on the ground surface.

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Tank Weighing System in India

Thanks to the increase in industrial automation, tank weighing system in India has become increasingly popular. The trunk weighing system consists of a load cell junction box and weighing controller. In fact, any existing or new installation of tanks can be successfully converted into the tank weighing system.

For weighing the tanks, the load cells are placed under each foot of the tank/hopper/vessel and then the load cells are connected to a weighing controller through a junction box which is used to compensate the signal difference between the cells. The tank can be mounted on different number pedestals depending on its category and the number of load cells depends on the number of pedestals the tank contains.


The force is transduced into an electric signal that can be computed and standardized. The increase of the force applied to the load cells is directly proportional to the change in the electrical signal. The user can obtain the data on the Digital indicator, in the computer system, on his mobile device or even by SMS.

Below points need to be considered while installing load cells in tanks.

  1. The tanks are frequently subject to weather conditions or effects related to production. When new upright tanks are created outside (silos, coal hoppers, etc.), the building regulations need to be observed for the relevant structures.
  2. The tank must rest on three bearing points then the optimum arrangement of load cells become possible and the correct weight of the tank can be determined.
  3. The overall load should be distributed as evenly as possible over the three load cells.
  4. The centre of gravity of a filled tank should not be higher than the bearing points of the tank .for stability the centre of gravity needs to be lower than the bearing points.
  5. The number of load cells used also depends on the shape of the tank. For instance, the circular tanks with lower capacity can be placed on three load cells whereas the heavy and rectangular square tanks should be placed on four load cells minimum. In the case of cylindrical tanks, three load cells can be mounted at equal distances from the vertical axis of the tank and are 120° apart. The maximum number of load cells needed for usage depends on the requirement and size of the tank.
  6. The systems should be fitted with uplift protection to protect the tanks from dismounting.

Tank weighing system at best price in India:

Our online store offers you the best price in tank weighing system. Cutting-edge technology is used for the tank weighing system Delhi. The products are designed in our website with the help of professional who are extremely skilled to meet your requirements. The quality experts available with us ensure that the best quality and elite products are fabricated for you.  Additionally, we offer other services like free shipping, timely delivery and efficient customer support to respond to your queries and concerns. Hence visit our online store and purchase the tank weighing system at best price in India.

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Kanta King signs up its First Franchise !!

Kanta King signs up its First Franchise !
The first KK franchisee opens up in Bhiwadi Industrial Area. The work starts in November 2017 and the Public Weigh Bridge opens for the public on 14th January 2018

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Kanta King hands over the Public Weigh Bridge; Mohit Dharam Kanta

In its latest turnkey project (Scale-1),Kanta King hands over the Public Weigh Bridge; Mohit Dharam Kanta, Bhiwadi industrial Area, to the client in September 2017. This public weighbridge is equipped with state of the art technology provided by Thames – Side UK and Kanta Kings’s in house team

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Kanta King ties up with one of the world’s topmost manufacturers of load cells – Thames Side UK,

Kanta King ties up with one of the world’s topmost manufacturers of load cells – Thames Side UK, for distribution of all their products all across Northern India. Thames Side UK has a thriving presence in 70 countries across the globe and is looking at expanding their business in North India through Kanta King. Kanta King and Thames-side UK under the dynamic leadership of Mr Rakesh Valeja have decided to combine their synergies and vision to initiate cutting edge weighing solutions in the Indian industrial environment.

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