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The Weighbridge Manufacturer in Delhi

Through manufacturing and exporting a broad selection of complete concrete pit forms, we are one step aligned with our competitors. Such weighbridges are made with high-quality material and the best available technology. Due to the high efficiency and optimum performance of our pit, weighbridges are widely recommended worldwide.

The Pit Type weighbridge in Delhi is best suited to areas with limited areas such as non-hill areas where pit building is not an expensive business. Because the platform is ground level, vehicles can come from any direction on the weighing bridge. The design is preferred by most public weighbridges.

The Pit type weighbridges are manufactured or designed to fit in places with low or limited spaces. Amar Scales installs these products in non-hilly areas and other places, too – their pit construction is cost-effective.

They work and produce in line with the needs of the industry. They are able to offer the best pit weighbridge, which is aggressively made from the highest quality materials. Vehicles can reach the platform anyway, as it is at ground level. The Amar Scales weighbridge platforms are made of steel that ensures heavy loads are resistant.

The Pit Type weighbridge in Delhi is most appropriate for those who have trouble excavating their foundations or have costly pit construction. Since the structure is above ground level, only in two directions, where ramps are provided, may vehicles reach the weighbridge. This kind of bridge needs more space.

The market is very difficult and competitive, so the best service at the most pocket-friendly rates is crucial in order to reach the highest position. Dedicated designers and producers who work 24 hours time in Delhi thanks to the Weighbridge manufacturer in Delhi to provide well-tested weighbridges with The pit type weighbridges in Delhi, Faridabad, and throughout India.

The weighbridge manufacturer company in Delhi gives importance to our customers in order to reach the highest degree of satisfaction. We deliver top quality products that make us our customers ‘ favorite choice. These goods can be used by our customers at an economical cost. We have gained a prominent position in the industry, thanks to our experience and commitment to the profession.

The Weighbridge manufacturer in Delhi is always committed to providing customers with the perfect range of Weighbridges. The standard of each weighbridge is taken into account. At every step in the production process, they uphold the highest quality standards in compliance with international directives.

From raw materials to manufacturing, all steps are thoroughly checked to supply products that comply with the strict quality parameters set by the company in line with global quality standards.

The Weighbridge Load Cell in Delhi has gained a respectable reputation among its customers with excellent service to some of the leading brands on the market. The Weighbridge Load Cell in Delhi supplies leading vendors in the industry with the best quality products that are reliable and highly durable. Our experts then work on these products to ensure that the findings are outstanding.


  • Needed Less Space (No ramps available).
  • As a platform flush with the ground level, Rickshaws & Tractor trolleys can be weighed even.

No truck movement requires ramps as they are mounted on the ground surface.

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Tank Weighing System in India

Thanks to the increase in industrial automation, the tank weighing system in India has become increasingly popular. The trunk weighing system consists of a load cell junction box and weighing controller. In fact, any existing or new installation of tanks can be successfully converted into a tank weighing system.

For weighing the tanks, the load cells are placed under each foot of the tank/hopper/vessel and then the load cells are connected to a weighing controller through a junction box which is used to compensate the signal difference between the cells. The tank can be mounted on a different number of pedestals depending on its category and the number of load cells depends on the number of pedestals the tank contains.


The force is transduced into an electric signal that can be computed and standardized. The increase of the force applied to the load cells is directly proportional to the change in the electrical signal. The user can obtain the data on the Digital indicator, in the computer system, on his mobile device or even by SMS.

The below points need to be considered while installing load cells in tanks.

  1. The tanks are frequently subject to weather conditions or effects related to production. When new upright tanks are created outside (silos, coal hoppers, etc.), the building regulations need to be observed for the relevant structures.
  2. The tank must rest on three bearing points then the optimum arrangement of load cells become possible and the correct weight of the tank can be determined.
  3. The overall load should be distributed as evenly as possible over the three load cells.
  4. The centre of gravity of a filled tank should not be higher than the bearing points of the tank . for stability the Centre of gravity needs to be lower than the bearing points.
  5. The number of load cells used also depends on the shape of the tank. For instance, the circular tanks with lower capacity can be placed on three load cells whereas the heavy and rectangular square tanks should be placed on four load cells minimum. In the case of cylindrical tanks, three load cells can be mounted at equal distances from the vertical axis of the tank and are 120° apart. The maximum number of load cells needed for usage depends on the requirement and size of the tank.
  6. The systems should be fitted with uplift protection to protect the tanks from dismounting.

Tank weighing system at best price in India:

Our online store offers you the best price in a tank weighing system. Cutting-edge technology is used for the tank weighing system Delhi. The products are designed on our website with the help of professionals who are extremely skilled to meet your requirements. The quality experts available with us ensure that the best quality and elite products are fabricated for you.  Additionally, we offer other services like free shipping, timely delivery and efficient customer support to respond to your queries and concerns. Hence visit our online store and purchase the tank weighing system at the best price in India.

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Kanta King signs up its First Franchise !!

Kanta King signs up its First Franchise !
The first KK franchisee opens up in Bhiwadi Industrial Area. The work starts in November 2017 and the Public Weigh Bridge opens for the public on 14th January 2018

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Kanta King hands over the Public Weigh Bridge; Mohit Dharam Kanta

In its latest turnkey project (Scale-1),Kanta King hands over the Public Weigh Bridge; Mohit Dharam Kanta, Bhiwadi industrial Area, to the client in September 2017. This public weighbridge is equipped with state of the art technology provided by Thames – Side UK and Kanta Kings’s in house team

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Kanta King ties up with one of the world’s topmost manufacturers of load cells – Thames Side UK,

Kanta King ties up with one of the world’s topmost manufacturers of load cells – Thames Side UK, for distribution of all their products all across Northern India. Thames Side UK has a thriving presence in 70 countries across the globe and is looking at expanding their business in North India through Kanta King. Kanta King and Thames-side UK under the dynamic leadership of Mr Rakesh Valeja have decided to combine their synergies and vision to initiate cutting edge weighing solutions in the Indian industrial environment.

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