• Ram kanta , Old Rohtak Road , Daya basti, Delhi- 110035.

Kanta King the Pioneers in the Public Weighbridge Industry in North India

KANTA KING is an enterprise of the legendary Ram Dharam Kanta Group who have been the pioneers in the Public Weighbridge Industry in North India for close to seven decades.

Our forefathers established the family ‘s first weigh bridge in Delhi in 1949 and quickly earned the respect and goodwill of their customers due to their obsession with the Absolute Correct Weight. It is this commitment to the Absolute Correct Weight that has been the guiding principle for all the following generations and has made us a name to reckon with in this industry.

Customer orientation, excellence, and innovation are the key elements of this. Beyond this important foundation, however, sustainability also means building on responsible, long-term oriented relationships with all Customers and for mutual advantage.

Many of our most innovative and successful products/solutions directly result from being open-minded and willing to learn from our customers and technology partners. We believe it will be our openness, combined with our own expertise that paves the way to innovations that really matter and create customer value.

Our nearly 70 years of experience in a largely unorganized sector has put us in a unique position to identify urgent need for standardizing this industry. KANTA KING is the platform that standardizes the weighing scale industry providing a “One Stop Solution” to all your weighing points & weight station related requirements.

Our expertise is in all spheres of setting up a weight station / weighbridge, designining the appropriate machine, installing a weighbridge with great precision, software solutions to complete management of an outlet remains unparalleled.

We also provide services to help customers ensure proper compliance with the regulatory requirements for using and operating weighing scale.

  • We have developed a warning system which raises an alarm if the weight fluctuates or is unstable, during the weighing process.
  • We have developed a pre paid card payment system for public weighbridges.
  • We have developed a SMS alert to our customers for weight in the vehicle, instantly.
  • We have developed an email alert system that instantly sends an email to the concerned person about the weight in the vehicle.
  • We have developed a system where we capture the photos, of the vehicle, at the time of weighment and share it with our customers.
  • We have developed an efficient system where we can weigh a vehicle every 10 seconds and easily manage heavy rush.
  • Ashiana Ispat
  • Kamdhenu Ispat
  • DMRC
  • GMHR (555 SOAP)
  • Gillette
  • Northern Railway
  • HPCL
  • Indo Arya Roadlines
  • Jaipur Golden Transport PVT LTD
  • Lakhani Shoes
  • Relaxo Shoes
  • Reliance Industries
  • Tata Steel
  • Ashiana Housing LTD
  • VRL Roadlines
  • Bhushan Steel
  • Pan Bahar
  • BKT Limited
  • KEI Limited etc

This combination of Experience and Expertise is “KANTA KING”.

KANTA KING provides the ABSOLUTE CORRECT WEIGHT at every outlet Owned, Operated or Managed by it.

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