Otherwise known as a truck scale, a weighbridge is a set of different scales which is utilized to weigh various items in bulk. This set of scales are directly mounted on a concrete surface by professional weighbridge manufacturers such as KANTA KING.

Weighbridge systems come with weighbridge software and a digital or electronic monitor that help in displaying the weight of the object that is being weighted. These systems are primarily utilized for weighing large-sized vehicles such as rail containers and trucks, especially when goods are transported via these vehicles.

These weighbridge systems tend to be very accurate and reliable, which allows any business to track the number of goods that are brought inward and taken outward of the warehouse.


The different types of weighbridges

As of the current day and age, you can find various types of weighbridges in the market.

These include,

  • Pit-less or pit-type electronic weighbridges
  • Pit-less or pit-type digital weighbridges
  • Rail weighbridges
  • Portable weighbridges
  • Mechanical weighbridges
  • RCC weighbridges and so on

When it comes to using weighbridges or truck scales, a vehicle is generally weighted two times – once when it’s loaded up and once when it’s emptied.

Then the emptied weight of the truck is deducted from the weight of the loaded truck, and thus you get the real weight of the goods.

The components of a weighbridge

A simple weighbridge used as a truck weighing system will have the following set of different components,

  • Foundation – If the weighbridge will use a permanent installation, then it will use a concrete foundation.
  • Steel platform – The steel platform creates the surface on which the trucks can be parked for weighing.
  • Load cells – This is a transducer that helps in converting force into a certain measurable electrical output.
  • Terminal – This serves as a control panel for the truck scales. The control panel is also responsible for displaying the weight of the vehicle and serves for controlling all the other components.
  • Cables – Cables help in transmitting the signal from the load cells to the terminal.

The many uses of weighbridges

There are multiple types of industries where weighbridges are being used nowadays. From industries such as mining to iron & steel, from liquid industry to powder industry – you can find weighbridges are being utilized.

In every industry where bulk movement tends to take place, you can find weighbridges are being used. Even government officials these days are also using weighbridges to weigh a certain vehicle and know whether the same is loaded as per the laws & regulations. Such a practice is very essential for maintaining road accuracy. If proper laws are not followed, then penalties will be levied onto the vehicle itself.


With the increase in technological innovation, weighbridge manufacturers such as KANTA KING are producing some of the best weighbridge truck scales in India. Furthermore, with quality components, you can expect these weighbridges to last you for a long time.

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