Industrial automation (IA) can also be referred to as a unified, variable-friendly and cost-efficient setting that consists of various equipment and rudiments responsible for a large number of functions like sensing. It further leads to management control, which in fact enables an efficient management system to be fully functional.

Control systems have been tried and tested and have proven to be a very important factor in the industrial automation system. The different alternatives to the closed-loop control protocols make sure that the process variables follow all the set points. Computing set points applied in the control systems, the start-up or the shut-down process, supervising overall system performance, equipment scheduling, are the various other functions. In addition to this, the automation system uses various other functions such the supervising of the control systems, alteration with the surroundings and environment of the system in the industry. It consents for a variable, efficient and reliable manufacturing system.

The 2 essential types of industrial automation; Process Plant Automation and Manufacturing Automation. These respective types have 5 levels that need to be mechanized for a fully automated system from the beginning to the end. It substitutes any hazardous assembly operations with automated Robotic operations and PMS (Plant management systems)

How does Kanta King Eliminate Challenges:

  • Automated Security Checks
  • Automated Parking and Weighbridge Automation
  • Mobile App for Loading/Unloading Supervisor
  • Real-time Visibility with Vehicle Parameters
  • Route Planning and Optimization
  • Track Deliveries and Delay
  • Alerts and Notification for Misconducts

Logistics Process Automation

Customized Solutions for Industrial Automation by Kanta King help the industries to streamline and enhance the overall process of in-plant logistics movements and the dispatch of finished products out to their clients.
An exponential improvement in TAT results in an efficient and organized process management of loading and dispatch.
Various Steps offered by us are:

  • Automated Security Checks.
    • Automation in Weighbridge and Loading.
    • Improvement in Drivers Conduct.
    • Organized and Systematic Parking.
    • Supervisor’s call on loading sequence.
    • Overall improvement in efficiency and Improved TAT.

Transport Management System

Vehicle Dashboard.
Trip Dashboard.
Customer Dashboard.
Driving Behaviour Dashboard.
Responsive mobile and web application.
Round the clock operational support.


Weighbridge Integration Solutions

Direct capture to the data from the weight indicator installed in weighbridge
Real-time load details:

  • Gross Weight
  • Tare Weight
  • Net Weight

Provision to push the load details directly into the SAP.

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