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JB 4T Intelligent Junction Box

Continuous, cost effective load cell monitoring with an instant alarm signal. This Intelligent Junction Box is designed to continuously monitor the output signal and electrical circuit of up to 4 load cells connected together in a weighing system; if a fault condition occurs with one or more load cells then an alarm signal is immediately sent via a relay.


​Avoidance of product recall or batch wastage, reduction in plant downtime, increased safety and faster installation and commissioning are just a few of many reasons why the this intelligent junction box is an important component in any weighing system. The compact, IP65 rated unit contains an on-board microprocessor that continuously checks each load cell for errors such as an out-of-balance mV signal, a signal outside of a pre-set mV range, a reduction in the excitation voltage, a short-circuit or an open-circuit.

  • Continuous monitoring of up to 4 load cells

  • Checks for Wheatstone bridge faults in the load cell

  • Removable terminals for simpler, faster wiring

  • IP65 ingress protection

  • ABS casing (option of Stainless Steel or DIN rail mounting)

  • Red LED illuminates and relay changes state if a fault condition occurs

  • Transparent cover for easy viewing of faults on 4-digit red LED display

  • Display shows individual mV/V outputs of the load cells (or the mean mV/V value)

  • European EMC and CE approval

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