A Pit Type Weighbridge is a set of scales used to weigh road vehicles having its platform on the ground level. It is a preferred weighbridge type in non-hilly places with limited space like roads, factories, establishments etc. To install a Pit-Type Weighbridges, a pit is dug in which, the weighbridge with its numerous components like loadcells, indicators, etc., is installed to keep the platform at ground level. The platform consists of six main I-beams with transverse I-beams bolted together to form a rigid structure. Due to the levelling, it is easily accessible by vehicles from any direction. Before installing a Pit Type Weighbridges, precautions against waterlogging should be taken, as it may damage the load cells. Another drawback is that the foundation of a Pit Type Weighbridge can bring additional costs.

Over many years Kanta King has been providing Pit Type Weighbridges and solutions. Kanta King prefers Thames Side junction box and T-34 load cell for installation of its Pit Type Weighbridges. When a vehicle stops on the platform, load cells placed under the platform, give the input to the junction box and the weight gets displayed on the display indicator.

Salient Features:

  • No ramp required on either side hence saves space.
  • Easier to service.
  • Designed for heavy usage and harsh environmental conditions.
  • Easily accessible to vehicles from either side.

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