The weighbridge ecosphere holds an imperative spot in the industrial sector, and the weighbridge manufacturers play an important role in maintaining the ecosphere by generating the perfect quality product, that further supports fair business and industry practices. It is absolutely essential to ensure the weighbridge manufacturer that is selected by the company to supply the weighbridge is registered (like Kanta King). The weighbridge should have an operational license and should also follow the protocols that have been established by a licensed weighbridge manufacturer. Waning to choose a licensed and a qualified weighbridge manufacturer is equivalent to promoting unethical business practices and the industry as a whole. If we dig deep, it also promotes and encourages pilferage in large scale industry operations where it is hard to detect the same.

But picking the right weighbridge, the creator eases the legality process. The correct choice of weighbridge manufacturer is the most important step in the right direction because the stamping, the warranty, the registration and the guarantee of quality come under the horizon of the manufacturer. And Kanta King is a 100 percent trustworthy in this scenario. In countries that do not use a systemized weighbridge segment, the effect of an unauthorized weighbridge is borne directly by the end customer who use the weighbridge service. For example; XYZ construction co. purchases and installs the weighbridge from an unauthorized weighbridge manufacturer who doesn’t have the legal documents(paperwork/invoices).

The weighbridge is now operational, and the construction company uses the weighbridge to evaluate and recheck the iron rods and cement received by the supplier. Now because the weighbridge is of an irregular standard, the discrepancy in the weight could range from 50kgs up to 800kgs. Some may use it as a leeway to steal. There may be a lot of pilferage and unsolicited under-the-table deals too. So, a right kind of weighbridge manufacturer is imperative to remove unwanted problems like these. Moreover, for a first-time user, it would be easy to access these as they will receive the guidance on how to avoid any issues in the first place. And they would not have to face the problems mentioned above.


We at Kanta King assure you that we would provide you nothing, but the best. The Weighbridge parts (plates, load cells, computers, software) are installed, and it is handed over only after a thorough audit that follows. We truly believe in the integrity and honesty in the field of weighbridge solutions with an ultimate aim to provide most accurate weight using high performance scales in the Weighbridge.

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