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Lever Mount

The LeverMount® is a unique, well-established load cell weighing assembly that makes installation much simpler, safer and more cost-effective than traditional assemblies. Its innovative design allows for fast load cell installation without any jacking tools or dummy (false) load cells – even with a loaded tank/hopper. It is available in 3 sizes, with reference to the load cell capacity: LeverMount® Lite (5-200kg), LeverMount® 300-2500kg and LeverMount® 3000-5000kg.


The load cell is stainless steel, fully welded and hermetically sealed with the highest levels of protection against harsh environments (IP68 and IP69K) and OIML R60 approval to 3000 divisions (C3) or 6000 divisions (C6) for use in legal-for-trade applications. A durable, chemical resistant polyurethane cable is fitted to the load cell as standard. Polyurethane provides greater resistance than PVC to chemicals, UV radiation, temperature changes, pressure cleaning and impacts.
Available load cell options consist of ATEX approval*, a high temperature version and special ‘Parylene’ coating for aggressive environments where stress corrosion or acid attack is a concern. The mounting accessory is available optionally with a self-centering ball-and-cup load introduction.

It combines a  mounting accessory with an OIML approved load cell (bending beam or shear beam) protected to IP68 and IP69K, creating an ideal solution for legal-for-trade weighing applications requiring wash-down cleaning, even in hazardous (ATEX) areas.

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