There are many load cells provider all over India.  Among all of them, Kanta King provides you with high quality load cell in India. They are the experts in Industrial Weighing Automation. The services provided by them are Truck Weighing, Silo Weighing, Industrial Automation, On-board Weighing, Turnkey Projects and Rent-A-Weighbridge:

Truck Weighing – Kanta King has a good experience in manufacturing and supplying a wide range of high-quality Truck Weighing services. They use high-grade raw materials in order to make the load cell. The Analogue load cell is approved to OIML C4 and NTEP IIIL up to 60 tones. The Digital load cells have an open protocol, approved to OIML C4 up to 60 tones. They have a special version of the T95 load cell for high accuracy WIM and axle weighing system.

Silo Weighing – This contains three or four load cells. They come with a Weighing module, a Junction box and a Weight indicator.

Industrial Automation – In order to increase the productivity, Kanta King came   up with Industrial Automation. This phenomenon gives you the necessary automatic security checks to ensure there are no malpractices happening. This makes it the best Industrial load cell in Delhi.

On-Board Weighing – This consists of a weighing system for all wheel/ front loaders so that the data of weighing material is easily available.

Turnkey Projects – The perfect model is the motto of Kanta King. They design the weight station facility, construct the weighing system, and give them a design and then hand it over to the clientele. Things come with a plan results in success.

Rent-A-Weighbridge – In this, you can rent a Lorry weighbridge for up to 36 months on a reasonable package.

Double Ended Load Cell- It stands for the load cell with ends on both the sides. All the weight comes in the middle. They are used to measure the shear strain of the applied load. Shear beam load cell is the best option for Industrial Weighing Automation system, and it is made up of Alloy, Aluminium, Stainless and Tool Steel.


Kanta King offers you all the services mentioned above and this is how they are one of the best providers of Industrial load cell in Delhi. They provide you with the best service in terms of products and they are authorized distributors in India. You experience it all in a splendid way. So, connect with Kanta King, if you are looking for world class Industrial Weighing Solutions.The various kinds of Loadcells by Kanta King are:


  • Kanta King Ball Type Analog Loadcell (Rs. 8500)
  • Kanta King Ball Type Digital Loadcell (Rs. 13,200)
  • Linear Actuator LA34 Silo MS (Rs. 5200)
  • Rectangular LA20 MS Thames Side Load Cells (Rs. 5200)
  • T11
  • T12
  • T12A
  • T20
  • T34 (Analog)
  • T34D (Digital)
  • T35 (Analog)
  • T35D (Digital)
  • T60
  • T61 (3MV/V Output)
  • T64
  • T65
  • T66
  • T85

T85 (MOC Alloy Steel)

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