With the help of onboard weighing systems, you can easily take out the guesswork when it comes to vehicle weights.

These systems are getting increasingly popular by the day and using onboard weighing systems will help you not only save money but also time, while also keeping the customers happy.

For growing businesses, overloading of trucks and stock losses are quite massive factors that cannot be ignored. And that’s why popular weighbridge manufacturers such as KANTA KING are pushing towards better technology when it comes to weighing systems.

Thus, if you’re in an industry where your goods are being transported & sold via trucks, there’s no enhanced method to weigh your vehicles than using onboard weighing systems.

What do you mean by onboard weighing?

In simple terms, onboard weighing systems are directly fitted to the truck or vehicle. Since these vehicle weighing systems are not fixated to a specific area such as weighbridges, these systems are highly portable.

In the current market, there are multiple types of onboard weighing systems that you can use to suit the specific type of vehicle that you’re using. Such vehicles include vans, trucks, and other light commercial automobiles.

Using these systems, loads of any vehicle can be measured in real-time, as they’re loaded or unloaded.

The benefits of on-board weighing systems

  1. Saves time:

Using onboard weighing systems, you can easily remove the hassles of carrying & using truck scales for weighing loaded vehicles. Since measurements will be taken on the spot and that too in real-time, there will be less wastage of productive time.

Furthermore, there will less requirement of manual labor or fuel charges to fulfill, because your vehicles don’t have to make unnecessary trips to the nearest weighing bridge.

  1. No stock loss:

If your vehicles are always transported in an overloaded format, you’ll run the risk of stock loss, which can lead you to lose money as well as your professional reputation with your clients & customers.

But, with the help of onboard weighing systems, you can always expect your trucks or vehicles to leave your warehouse with the correct amount of load. Moreover, these vehicles will also then arrive at their destination with a similar volume of load (with which they departed from your warehouse). So, no stock loss.

  1. More satisfied customers:

With the help of onboard truck weighing systems, you can always expect to deliver the best service to your customers and provide them with what they paid for.

Since these systems provide very accurate data and the ability to report in real-time, you’ll have satisfied customers who will love the reliability of your business.


There’s no denying that onboard weighing systems have revolutionized the way vehicles are weighted over time and KANTA KING has been at the forefront of that revolution.

Over time, newer technologies related to weighing systems will be discovered and it makes the lives of business owners much more seamless.

For more information on onboard weighing systems, please visit the official website of KANTA KING.