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Pit Less Weighbridge

This type of weighbridge is most suitable where the civil work for foundation is difficult or construction of a pit is expensive. Since the structure is above the ground, vehicles can only approach the weighbridge from two directions where the ramps are present. This type of weighbridge usually requires more space.


In a Pitless Type Weighbridge RCC ramp work must be made at least three meters for both sides for easy movement of trucks or any other vehicles. Additionally, this clearance will give not stress out the engine of the vehicle.

The main advantages of the Pitless type weighbridge are

  • Construction of a Pit is eliminated hereby reducing cost

  • Since the platform above ground level, there are fewer chances of waterlogging during monsoon

  • The nuisance of pit maintenance is eliminated.

  • The maintenance is easy since all the parts are accessible above ground level.

  • Cost - Less expensive due to less construction work

  • Service & Scale Repairs - Less difficult or costly and serviced from above

  • Clean Out - Quick and easy, done with a water hose or compressor from the side

  • Scale Inspection - Can be performed by simply walking around the perimeter or the scale

  • Restrictions Or Hazards - Some states require specified clearances underneath scale

  • Approaches - 10’ Flat and level

  • Ramps - Typically 25’ long on each end of the ramp. Requires more real estate to install and operate

  • Electricity Needed - None

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