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Pit Type Weighbridge

Convenient for a situation where space is a constraint. Each weighbridge platform consists of six main I-Beams and transverse I-Beams bolted together to form a rigid structure. Mild-steel chequered plated are then boiled on top to complete the structure, which is made up of superior quality raw material.


Our pit type weighbridge is an easy to install Weighbridge and specially designed for heavy load weighing. Pit mounted foundations comprise ground level flat solid concrete approach at roadway level. Service access for load cells maintenance and horizontal restraint adjustment is through the center man-hole after cover plate removal.

  • Suitable, if there is space limitation, as the ramp is not required in either side

  • Designed for heavy usage and harsh environment

  • Easy movement of vehicles on the platform

  • Capacity range from 05 MT to 120 MT

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