A Pit Weighbridge is a type of weighbridge or as we call it in north India, A Dharam Kanta. It is a flat metal plate mounted on a pit with pillars to support the plate from the base. It requires more effort to install. You are more likely to find a Pit Type Weighbridge in Delhi more than any other. The mounted plate is at the level of the road itself and load cells and the wiring is below ground level. This kind of a setup is most suitable for places with a space constraint, and places where creating a pit would not be as costly.

Since the city fulfills both those criteria, you will find more pit type weighbridges in Delhi than pit less weighbridges.

Because of the heavy demand, there are a few very well established Pit Type weighbridge manufacturers in Delhi.  Apart from trucks, Lorries and a regular pit type weighbridge in Delhi, can also be seen weighing auto-rikshaws, cycle rikshaws and tractor trolleys. It is more suitable for the countries where weighing during manufacture or industrial automation systems are not a very popular concept. This is because the goods can come on any mode of transport for weighing, ranging from cycle rickshaws to tractor trolleys and all the weigh up to 12 wheeler trucks.

Amongst the Pit Type weighbridge manufacturers in Delhi and north india, there is a lot of competition that goes around the sector from established companies to local vendors which are usually bound by geographical restrictions and cannot service potential clients across the country. These Pit Type weighbridge manufacturers in Delhi lack the infrastructure to be able to setup the weighbridge too far away from their area of operation.

Another major problem faced by these pit type weighbridge manufacturers in Delhi is that the machine number of these type bridges is not punched properly and the records of the sale of these pit type bridges is skewed and many a times goes missing if one has to check the number of weighbridges sold by these type weighbridges manufacturers in Delhi.

It should be mandatory for every type weighbridge manufacturers in Delhi to have a common platform or register where they can punch and post the number of fit type weighbridges sold by them.

It would also be very beneficial for these pit type weighbridge manufacturers in Delhi to have these machine numbers verified if need be by the the companies or the individual buyers upar change these web pages for private or public use to check The authenticity of the product made by these pet type manufacturers in Delhi.

Global News platform weighingnews.com should highlight this point and come in support to the genuine pit type weighbridge manufacturers in Delhi e so that all those small dealers who are not the pit type weighbridges manufacturer in Delhi can be found and the blacklisted from the list of pit type weighbridge manufacturers in Delhi.

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