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Thames Side LCT-U Load Cell Tester – Image 1


■ Fast, accurate testing of load cells and scales – full test complete within 5 seconds
■ Very user friendly – pin assignment is printed on front of tester
■ Coloured LEDs highlight suspicious readings
■ Can check alignment of multiple load cell scales
■ Operated by standard batteries for portability
■ Continuous signal reading allows for checking of linearity and repeatability
■ Can check for physical distortion of a load cell
■ Works with 4-wire or 6-wire load cells
■ Rugged ABS enclosure and rubber cover
■ Lightweight
■ Ideal tool for installation/commissioning engineers


Product Description

The advanced Load Cell Tester Model LCT-U is a stand-alone hand-held device specially designed for fast, comprehensive troubleshooting of strain gauge load cells. The LCT-U can quickly diagnose problems with all common types of load cell available today, including 6-wire load cells (with sense wires).
The LCT-U provides the operator with all the essential data about the load-cell being tested, including the bridge resistance and integrity, physical distortion (possibly caused by overload, shock load or metal fatigue) and insulation resistance (which can highlight moisture or chemical ingress).

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