Silo Weighing is One of the most Essential Processes in The Organized Weighing Industry.

Silo Load Cell Systems. Also known as “Tank weighing or hopper weighing”, this process is generally used to store a variety of items ranging from food and beverage ingredients to fertilizers, construction material such as cement and concrete and ranges to storage minerals and even plastic pellets.

It is such an essential process because it plays a major role in inventory management of large scale production of the above listed items. It can be measured in kilograms or tons depending on the scale of operation. The process requires load cells and systems that enable a high level of accuracy in the process. Accuracy and precision in the process is non-negotiable because the slightest of shift in the accuracy can lead to a mismanaged inventory and an incorrect MIS report over the last so many years Kanta king along who are providing pit type weighbridges and other products.

Silo Load Cell Systems || Tank Load Cell Systems

Silo Load cell systems come with all different kind of load cells but at Kanta king prefers Thames Side Load cell which have good accuracy and do justice to the silo load cell systems provided by the company.

systems installation whether you call it tank load cell systems for Hopper load cell system can provide you with the very accurate weight mostly in kilograms with high accuracy percentage.

Load cell are playing a vital role in stock keeping of the materials dispatched through the trucks and rail because when the vehicle is loaded the silo load cell systems give you the the weight that has been poured into the the dispatch vehicle.

Another very wonderful feature of these silo load cell systems is that it if integrated with ERP they can also maintain restock of the material and silo load cell system have the facility to generate challan for the dispatched material.

Materials that are stored in silos with Silo Load cell systems are grains paints oil , syrups and products like fertilizers glucose minerals ready mix concrete and most of them need the silo load cell systems to get the accurate weight which in the absence of these silo load cell system is almost impossible to get.

Starting from 10 tons going up to 100 – Silo Load Cell Systems

Starting from 10 tons going up to 100 tons silo load cell provided through the company are solving problems of many small and big companies which had difficulty knowing the accurate weight without silo load.

Kanta King Silo load cell systems are of robust quality and are equivalent to the international quality products manufactured and supplied by many other silo load cell systems manufacturers in the world. So much so that Kanta kings high quality Silo load cell system looked upon as benchmark products in the industry now.

The the module of Kanta kings experience teams which give you precise and accurate Silo Load cell systems make sure that installation can be achieved in short period of time and it takes into account the temperature in around the silo.

The Kanta King Marketed Silo Load Cell System is a Good Option ?

The Kanta King marketed Silo Load cell system is a good option because of its wonderful certifications and international approvals which are accepted worldwide and give the customer insurance that he is buying the correct product which in this case is Silo load cell system and that the product would give him the best possible results.

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Silo Load cell systems Mounting has to be of a good quality so that it gives you the desired results. A silo Load cell system  normally consists of junction box which may be digital or analogue AV transmitter or indicator or IT with multiple load cells whose number can be anywhere between three and four.

Many of our local Silo Load cell system Assosciates, who are experts in their field, will be able to provide repair and calibration services for the silo load Cell system.

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