Silo Weighing Systems are used to monitor the material weight which goes in or out of a Silo system. Also, it can be used on any vessel that has legs or a supporting structure. Applications of Silo Weighing Systems can range from those involving small process vessels or hoppers with capacities less than 200 Kg, up to high capacity storage silos of 100 t or more. Particularly important for inventory management, it helps find the exact weight stored in a Silo at any time. A Silo Weighing System usually comprises three or four load cells, each with a weighing module, a junction box and a weight indicator or transmitter. The Silo Weighing System can be easily calibrated by filling the silo with a pre-weighed material or placing or hanging certified test weights on the silo.

Over the last few years, Kanta King has been providing Silo Weighing systems and solutions and prefers Thames Side Loadcell System for the same. This Loadcell System consists of Loadcells, Mounting Assemblies, Junction Box and Indicators. The number of load cell depends on the count of pedestals on which the Silo is mounted.