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High Quality Load Cell in India

Load cell are the best invention as it converts a force like compression, pressure, torque or tension into a signal (electric) which we can measured. When we apply force on the load cell, then the electrical signal changes proportionally with it. There are so many load cell but most used load cell are strain gauge, hydraulic and pneumatic. We can also call them a force transducer.

There are many load cells provider all over India. Kanta King is the one among all of them which provide you with high quality load cell in India. They are the experts in Industrial Weighing Automation in which they provide the services like Truck Weighing, Silo Weighing, Industrial Automation, On-board Weighing, Turnkey Projects and Rent A Weighbridge.

Truck Weighing – Kanta King is so much experienced in manufacturing and supplying a wide range of high-quality Truck Weighing services. They are using high-grade raw material in order to make the load cell. They offer analogue load cell approved to OIML C4 and NTEP IIIL up to 60 tones and having digital load cells with open protocol, approved to OIML C4 up to 60 tones. They have the special version of the T95 load cell for high accuracy WIM and axle weighing system.

Silo Weighing – This contains three or four load cell, each of them comes with a weighing module, a junction box and a weight indicator.

Industrial Automation – In order to increases productivity Kanta king set up a Industrial Automation. In this they gives you automatic security checks so that there is no miss happenings. This makes it the best Industrial load cell in Delhi.

On-Board Weighing – In this part, there is a weighing system for all wheel/ front loaders so that you have all the data of weighing material.

Turnkey Projects – The perfect model is the key of Kanta King. They design the weight station facility, construct the weighing system, and give them a design and then handover to the client. Things come with a plan results in success. This makes Kanta King, the provider of high-quality load cell in India.

Rent A WeighBridge – In this, you can rent a Lorry weighbridge for up to 36 months on a reasonable package.

Those are the services which Kanta King offers and become one of the best providers of Industrial load cell in Delhi. They provide you with the best service in terms of products and they are authorized distributors in India. There are many Industrial load cells in Delhi but with Kanta King, you experience all in a better way.

Double Ended Load Cell stands for the load cell have ended on both sides and all the weight comes in middle. They are used to measure shear strain which creates because of the applied load. Shear beam load cell is the best option for industrial weighing automation system. They are made up of alloy, aluminum, stainless and tool steel. Kanta King is one of the best providers of double-ended load cell in Delhi.

So if anyone looking for Industrial Weighing Solutions they must connect with Kanta King.

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In order to measure heavy weight, load cell is the best invention. There are many load cell in market but differ from each other by quality, material used, etc. Its design is so effective that it can convert forces such as tension, compression, pressure or torque into an electrical signal that tells us the exact weight of material.

If one is looking for Industrial Weighing Solutions then must connect with KantaKing. They provides you the best service in terms of products and they are authorized distributors in India. There are many Industrial load cells in Delhi but with KantaKing you experience all in a better way.

In Industrial Weighing Automation they have truck weighing, silo weighing, Industrial Automation, On Board Weighing, Turnkey Projects, Rent a Weighbridge. Their Services consists:

  • Consulting, Auditing & Certification:

In this portion consulting of the services includes checking the quality and auditing the risk. Managing the reports and provide you the government certified products.

  • Weighbridge Management Service:

In this portion training, automation, software support and system integration provides so that you won’t face any difficulty in revenue because of damaged and erratic weighing particles.

  • Weighbridge Calibration Service:

It is very necessary to give the products required service on time in order to avoiding unwanted problems. In this portion you get the assurance of service which KantaKing provide in every 6months.

It offers Double ended load cell in Delhi. Double ended load cell stands for the load cell have ended on both sides and all the weight comes in middle. They are used to measure shear strain which creates because of the applied load. Shear beam load cell is the best option for industrial weighing automation system. And KantaKing is the best provider of Shear beam load cell in Delhi.

The compression load cell is also available in KantaKing. They are basically used to carry heavy loads in industries of aerospace, automotive, agricultural and manufacturing. They apply compressive stress on objects so that it reduces their time and save some space.

Weighbridge load cells are generally for trucks and rails. There are many weighbridge load cell which induces double ended load cell, shear beam load cell and many more. KantaKing has a specific service of Truck Weighing where those load cell applies during installation. And Weighbridge load cell provider in Delhi.

As they have so much best services to provide and Load Cell are the key in order to supporting industrial weighing automation system. In every manufacturing organization, industrial automation is the most important part in order to gain profit and increase the productivity. It’s very difficult for some organizations to eliminate challenges. But KantaKing gives their best in this scenario as well. For this they perform security checks first. They offer you an automated parking and weighbridge automation. They gives you many advanced features as well like app for loading or unloading, route planning and optimization, one can track deliveries as well. Most importantly, it gives you a notification if something is wrong or for misconduct. KantaKing is one of the high quality load cell provider in Delhi.


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We are engaged in providing the most accurate and optimal industrial weighing solutions for managing the incoming raw materials and outgoing finished goods of your firm. Our best quality electronic machines provide accuracy of measurements that further increase your profits.

Kanta king is amongst the best industrial Automation companies in Delhi. We combat pilferage and enhance customer confidence. Our load cells are based on electronic tabletop. They are functional and fast. One can easily weigh heavy automobiles and trucks for different purposes.

Additionally we provide platform scales that are a combination of weight display and weighing platform. They are available at a range of 10 kg – 5000 kg . Depending on the requirement and condition, you can select the industrial weighing automation systems and make yourself more independent.

Kanta King provides high quality electronic weighing Bridges that come with modular structures altogether. The latest models of electronic weighing Bridge are available in different sizes and capacities ranging from 30ton-100ton.

Weighing remains the most important part of all the industries no matter whether it is about handling a small scale or large size business. In almost any process industry, one should know the exact weight of the material, Blender, tank or truck in order to derive a proper conclusion. Our experts look after the load cells and provide guidance so that you can receive the best solution to every time.

We have a Certified manufacturing facility that ensures good manufacturing practice. We represent the best practices of Industrial weighing solutions and reduce the possibilities of failures and downtime.

Our sales personnel are equipped with proper training and experience to deliver you the best of experience every time. They help you to choose the correct weighing scale depending on your need and firm requirement.

Nowadays, firms are dependent on several parameters to succeed. They need to measure the temperature, material quality, texture, colour and weight to determine certain things . until and unless you have dependable industrial platform scales, it becomes difficult to further process the raw material.

The transducer device converts the force into the electrical signal using a load sensor. The larger floor scales use 4 load skills each time. The smallest scales include single load cells.

We have been the leader in the weighing industry. We have a Contribution in several Projects through our accurate and dependable solutions. Our factory made quality and pricing reduces the excess cost of distribution . you just pay for the exact weighing device purchased from us.

If you have been planning to upgrade your industrial scale, we ensure the best industrial weighing automation systems. We can surely help you to find the best weighing scale at a budgeted price. Our team is determined to serve you with unique solutions . choose amongst our load cells and industrial weighing solutions and upsurge your profits manifold.

We have intrinsic weighing scales for all types of work. The industrial measuring scales can weigh hazardous materials as well. The high quality machines are safe and explosion proof. They provide several industrial facilities and prepare products for shipping and further processing.

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