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Weighbridge & Truck Scale Manufacturer in India | Kanta King

Weighing truck scales will always play an essential role in agricultural & farming operations. With the help of proper truck scales, agricultural companies can easily streamline the entire harvest management procedure.

Based on their overall implementation, these truck scales can help in enhancing profitability & efficiency.

KANTA KING specializes in the manufacturing of various on-board weighing systems such as truck scales, and therefore they’re tailored-made for agricultural usage.

These truck scales are designed to keep the overhead costs down while ramping up the management efficiency.

Thus, to help you know more about the same, it’s time to list out their inherent benefits in the agricultural industry.

Benefits of using truck scales in the agricultural industry

  1. Ideal accuracy:

It doesn’t matter whether you’re dealing with corn or grain, farmers will always require high-end weight measurement systems. Without having an accurate weight measurement system, it can become increasingly difficult for the farmers to know the perfect weight of the product that they’ve harvested.

With the help of vehicle weighing systems such as truck scales, high-scale or small-scale farmers can obtain accurate measurements of their harvest. Furthermore, there will be increased convenience & efficiency. So, during the peak of the harvest season, the farmers need not worry about miscalculations.

  1. Saves time:

When you’ll have efficient truck weighing systems such as truck scales for all your farming operations, the overall time is taken to weigh every truck will be less. As a result, the total output of your farming operations will increase because trucks have to spend less time weighing them.

Moreover, the truck scales sold by KANTA KING are highly reliable & quick on every usage, allowing less wastage of time & effort.

  1. Easy installation and low maintenance:

The truck scales offered by KANTA KING are very easy to install for most farmers out there. You can install these truck weighing systems on any agricultural site you want, without any issues.

Furthermore, these equipment sets are made with top-notch quality materials, meaning that they require less maintenance to keep them going. Ultimately, you can expect them to use for multiple years to come.

  1. Proper integration of hardware and software:

A successful farming operation isn’t just built on the ideal hardware but also the software. And that’s why KANTA KING offers the ideal collaboration of hardware & software with their high-quality truck scales along with the required weighbridge software.

Therefore, your farming operations can seamlessly integrate not only the hardware but also the software for everyday operations. There will be fewer downtimes and data can be obtained at the click of a button.


It shouldn’t come as a surprise to know that KANTA KING delivers some of the best truck scale systems for agricultural usage. Such is the reason why they’re the most popular weighbridge manufacturers in India.

It doesn’t matter what your weighing needs are because KANTA KING always has the proper solutions.

In case you want to know more about the same, don’t forget to check out KANTA KING’s official website.

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Electronic Weighbridge Scale manufacturers in India l Kanta King

In this current technological era, businesses are constantly aiming to improve their productivity & efficiency. And utilizing technology in the best possible manner should be the objective of every business out there.

That’s why professional Electronic weighbridge Scale manufacturers such as KANTA KING are continuously developing various weighting technologies, to help businesses get the most out of their investments.

What is an electronic weighbridge?

An electronic weighbridge can be defined as a type of device that’s used to measure the overall weight of unloaded & unloaded vehicles & trucks. It’s also utilized for managing outgoing & incoming vehicles. The current-day weighbridges are truly advanced as they can offer data relating to the stock levels.

There are various types of electronic weighbridges, which include pit type weighbridge and pitless weighbridge.

The benefits of using electronic weighbridges for businesses.

  1. Saves a lot of time:

There’s no denying that with the help of electronic weighbridge accessories, your business will be able to increase its effective weighing capabilities. Electronic weighbridges include various technologies such as ‘driver-operated consoles’ where the operator can complete the loading process quickly & seamlessly.

Besides, there’s also the option to install guide rails and vehicle barriers, which will control the overall flow of traffic while also preventing vehicles from falling off the weighbridge.

  1. Enhances safety in the workplace:

The greatest benefit of using electronic weighbridges along with their relevant weighbridge software is to ensure that proper safety measures are implemented. No employee would want to work in a business where the safety protocols are too limited.

An electronic weighbridge will provide the operator with the assurance that there are fewer chances of any type of workplace accident taking place. Furthermore, with an electronic weighbridge, there will be fewer chances of vehicle overload.

  1. Proper weight measurement:

One of the primary reasons why businesses install electronic weighbridges such as truck weighing systems is to ensure that they can accurately measure the weight of their products, vehicles, and the like. Incorrect measurements can often lead to massive losses, both in the short term and long term.

If any business wants to make sure that their measuring data is close to 100 percent accurate, then using electronic weighbridges should be the key.

  1. Better productivity:

A successful business always thrives on being the most efficient and productive. Without efficiency and productivity, no business can expect to become profitable – either in the long term or the short term.

By using an electronic weighbridge, businesses can expect to enjoy optimal vehicle loading/unloading, at any time of the day, week, month or year. There will be no wastage of time as well as effort, which means that the unproductive expenses of the business will get reduced.


KANTA KING has been the front runner when it comes to introducing electronic weighbridge technologies such as vehicle weighing systems and the like.

Furthermore, KANTA KING vows to bring more technological innovations in the weighbridge industry in the upcoming years.

For any additional information, please visit the official website of KANTA KING.

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Kanta King – Pit Type Weighbridge

A Pit Type Weighbridge is a set of scales used to weigh road vehicles having its platform on the ground level. It is a preferred weighbridge type in non-hilly places with limited space like roads, factories, establishments etc. To install a Pit-Type Weighbridges, a pit is dug in which, the weighbridge with its numerous components like loadcells, indicators, etc., is installed to keep the platform at ground level. The platform consists of six main I-beams with transverse I-beams bolted together to form a rigid structure. Due to the levelling, it is easily accessible by vehicles from any direction. Before installing a Pit Type Weighbridges, precautions against waterlogging should be taken, as it may damage the load cells. Another drawback is that the foundation of a Pit Type Weighbridge can bring additional costs.

Over many years Kanta King has been providing Pit Type Weighbridges and solutions. Kanta King prefers Thames Side junction box and T-34 load cell for installation of its Pit Type Weighbridges. When a vehicle stops on the platform, load cells placed under the platform, give the input to the junction box and the weight gets displayed on the display indicator.

Salient Features:

  • No ramp required on either side hence saves space.
  • Easier to service.
  • Designed for heavy usage and harsh environmental conditions.
  • Easily accessible to vehicles from either side.

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Silo Weighing Systems

Silo Weighing Systems are used to monitor the material weight which goes in or out of a Silo system. Also, it can be used on any vessel that has legs or a supporting structure. Applications of Silo Weighing Systems can range from those involving small process vessels or hoppers with capacities less than 200 Kg, up to high capacity storage silos of 100 t or more. Particularly important for inventory management, it helps find the exact weight stored in a Silo at any time. A Silo Weighing System usually comprises three or four load cells, each with a weighing module, a junction box and a weight indicator or transmitter. The Silo Weighing System can be easily calibrated by filling the silo with a pre-weighed material or placing or hanging certified test weights on the silo.

Over the last few years, Kanta King has been providing Silo Weighing systems and solutions and prefers Thames Side Loadcell System for the same. This Loadcell System consists of Loadcells, Mounting Assemblies, Junction Box and Indicators. The number of load cell depends on the count of pedestals on which the Silo is mounted.

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Silo Weighing System

Silo, weighing systems are mostly used to regulate the quantity of material emptied into a truck and/or for inventory management. It is extremely important to know the amount of material stored in a silo at any time.

Over the last so many years Kanta King have been providing pit type weighbridges and other products. Silo Loadcell system come with all different kind of load cells. Kanta King prefers Thames Side Loadcell system. It is accurate Silo and vessel weighing applications can range from those involving small process vessels or hoppers with capacities less than 200 kg, up to high-capacity storage silos of 100 tonnes or more. The range of loadcell mounting assemblies and process weighing instrumentation is ideally suited to a wide range of vessel, hopper and silo weighing applications. Any Present or New Fitting of Silo can be transformed into silo weighing System. The consumer can get the weight data on Digital indicator, on a Computer System, on Mobile Device or even by SMS.

Working Phenomenon: The load cells of vital volume are positioned between pedestals and the silo. Now the silo is sited on the load cells and the inlet and outlet lines of the silo are also fitted with suspension bellows to augment the performance of the system. If the outlet line, that is usually at the bottom of the tank, is not fitted with suspension bellows, then the performance and accuracy of the weight will be hampered because of unceasing interference caused by the pipeline.

The number of load cell depends on the number of pedestals on which the silo is mounted. If a new installation, the number of load cells can be changed accordingly but if the weighing system is about to be fixed into and existing silo, then number of load cell will be same as the number of pedestals or mounting pillars. Light capacity circular silos can be placed on three load cells but heavy and rectangular / square silos should be mounted on minimum four load cells for providing suitable support to the silo structure and maximum number of load cells can be depending on the requirement and size of the silo.

Salient Features:

  • Easy to Install.
  • Modular design pertains to easy installation and maintenance.
  • Wide temperature range available.
  • Resistance against vibration.
  • Ideally suited for any liquid or solid weighing and accurate batch preparation for batch process weighing application.
  • Simple in Design, system consisting of Quality shear beam or compression load cells meeting IP-67/68 standards.
  • Pre-calibrated load cell units for simplified installation.
  • Integrated mounting assemblies with overload and lift-off restraints.
  • ATEX certified load cells and weight indicators.
  • Touch screen batching controllers.
  • Discontinuous hopper scale controllers.

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Truck Scale Weighing

A truck scale is a large set of scales, usually straddled on a solid concrete foundation that is used to weigh entire rail or road vehicles and their contents. By weighing the vehicle both empty and when loaded, the load carried by the vehicle can be calculated. Truck weighing is vital for the profitability of companies whose main occupation is sale or purchase. The robust design of truck scales enables a long lifespan, reliability and precision in difficult working environments such as quarries, industrial sandpits and landfills.

Truck weigh stations are­ used for these ta­x purposes as well as to monitor the weight of a truck to ensure that it falls within the safety guidelines that each state has in place for its road system. Truck scales are built to handle an enormous amount of abuse. They are built out of steel, concrete or, in most cases, a combination of both. The kind of weighbridge most suitable for your company depends on the intended location of the weighbridge and the desired weighing accuracy.

Load-cell systems are the most popular technology used. Each cell includes a durable material, with one or more strain gauges attached to or embedded in it. A strain gauge consists of a wire (or wires) that transmits a mild electric current. As the cell is subjected to weight, the wire in the strain gauge is altered or compressed slightly. The change in the wire results in a difference in the resistance to the current passing through it. The signal from each cell is sent to a junction box where sensors measure the variance in the current and calculate the amount of weight the scale is supporting.

A bending-plate system uses metal plates with strain gauges attached to them. As weight is applied to the scale, the plates are subjected to stress. The strain gauge on each plate measures the amount of stress and calculates the load required to cause it. The amounts from each gauge are added together to get the total for that axle.

Apart from this, there are three different ways to get the weight of a truck:

  • One-Axle Weighing- The truck drives around a single scale, stopping each time a set of wheels is on a scale. If all the axles have been weighed, the total is added together.
  • One-Stop- A series of scales are used so that the truck can be weighed at once. The scales are typically connected to a single electronic controller thar automatically combines the axle weights to get the net weight.
  • Weigh-in-motion: A method that is gaining momentum, WIM uses a series of embedded sensors to calculate the weight per axle as a truck drives over the sensor pad. Unlike the other two methods, there is no need for the truck to come to a complete stop while on the scales. In fact, some WIM systems are installed in highways so that all traffic is monitored at speed.


The scales are compatible with our unattended weighing system Alba BOS, which can further increase the effectiveness of your business.

  • Weighbridges with a classical load bearing mechanism integrated into the ground (cement of metal construction).
  • Pitless or pit type weighbridges.
  • Drive-through weighbridges for axle load weighing.

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Industrial Automation (Kanta King)

Industrial automation (IA) can also be referred to as a unified, variable-friendly and cost-efficient setting that consists of various equipment and rudiments responsible for a large number of functions like sensing. It further leads to management control, which in fact enables an efficient management system to be fully functional.

Control systems have been tried and tested and have proven to be a very important factor in the industrial automation system. The different alternatives to the closed-loop control protocols make sure that the process variables follow all the set points. Computing set points applied in the control systems, the start-up or the shut-down process, supervising overall system performance, equipment scheduling, are the various other functions. In addition to this, the automation system uses various other functions such the supervising of the control systems, alteration with the surroundings and environment of the system in the industry. It consents for a variable, efficient and reliable manufacturing system.

The 2 essential types of industrial automation; Process Plant Automation and Manufacturing Automation. These respective types have 5 levels that need to be mechanized for a fully automated system from the beginning to the end. It substitutes any hazardous assembly operations with automated Robotic operations and PMS (Plant management systems)

How does Kanta King Eliminate Challenges:

  • Automated Security Checks
  • Automated Parking and Weighbridge Automation
  • Mobile App for Loading/Unloading Supervisor
  • Real-time Visibility with Vehicle Parameters
  • Route Planning and Optimization
  • Track Deliveries and Delay
  • Alerts and Notification for Misconducts

Logistics Process Automation

Customized Solutions for Industrial Automation by Kanta King help the industries to streamline and enhance the overall process of in-plant logistics movements and the dispatch of finished products out to their clients.
An exponential improvement in TAT results in an efficient and organized process management of loading and dispatch.
Various Steps offered by us are:

  • Automated Security Checks.
    • Automation in Weighbridge and Loading.
    • Improvement in Drivers Conduct.
    • Organized and Systematic Parking.
    • Supervisor’s call on loading sequence.
    • Overall improvement in efficiency and Improved TAT.

Transport Management System

Vehicle Dashboard.
Trip Dashboard.
Customer Dashboard.
Driving Behaviour Dashboard.
Responsive mobile and web application.
Round the clock operational support.


Weighbridge Integration Solutions

Direct capture to the data from the weight indicator installed in weighbridge
Real-time load details:

  • Gross Weight
  • Tare Weight
  • Net Weight

Provision to push the load details directly into the SAP.

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Truck Scales – Accurate and Reliable Weighing

A Truck Scale (Dharam Kanta in Delhi) is a level metal plate mounted on a pit with columns to help the plate from the base. The process of installing it could get a bit tedious. Inferable from the substantial interest, there are a couple of very settled Truck Scale makers in India, with Kanta King being one of them.


The fundamental segments of a Truck Scale contain elements like load cells, steel stages, terminals and links. The Steel stage is developed on the heap cells and each heap cell has a solid material which is joined to different strain checks. The strain measures have wires in it that send an electric signal to milts. When weight is put on the cells, the wires in the strain checks are signaled and bring about a distinction opposition in the current. A similar sign from every cell is sent to the intersection box. It curates and summarizes the result to the weighbridge regulator.

How the Truck Scales Work

A vehicle is gauged twice; once without the merchandise and once with the products to get an accurate weight of the products. It is advised to operate Weighbridges in ventures that include transportation of massive merchandise. Over-burdening can cause harm. The abusers of these ideals of the administration and the concerned gatherings can be accused of high punishments. The readout display is mounted in the cab of the truck so that the operator sees the load weight. Using an electronic burden cell that applies strain gauge technology, it is connected to the overall scale system of the truck.  The maintenance is minimal because the cell is usually temperature repaid.  Because they are wired through the ignition of the truck, the on-board truck scales come on whenever the truck is turned on.


The advantages of a Truck Scale are:

Not Convoluted

Operating these scales is very simple for most anyone because the wiring has been done through the ignition of the truck.  Once your truck is switched on, the scales become active and the weight is automatically displayed on the screen.  You don’t have to worry about pressing the wrong buttons.

Cost/Time Efficient

With truck scales on board, you will be able to save both your time and money. You can simply weigh as you load, hence saving a lot of time. Truck scales ensure that you are neither overloaded nor under loaded hence saving fuel costs, avoiding overloading penalties and increasing the lifespans of your trucks.  It is an accurate and reliable way of making sure you make the most revenue.


You can be sure that with these scales on board, you will be able to get maximum capacity without overloading your trucks. With the weight passed through them, you are able to get very accurate weights up to 0.5% accuracy.

Digital Display

On-board truck scales that have a digital display have become very popular today. This display remains on as long as the truck is on.  Set points are simply set ahead of time so that in the event that the truck is overloaded they can show the operator.  This is completely tamper-proof.  The first two set points will give an indicator of red lights while the final one will make a buzzing sound that will not quit until the extra load has been removed.

Weight is everything in the trucking business. The on-board truck scales ensure that your truck legally runs at its optimum capacity and you in turn enjoy maximum efficiency and profits.

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Kanta King – Weighbridge Manufacturer India

The weighbridge ecosphere holds an imperative spot in the industrial sector, and the weighbridge manufacturers play an important role in maintaining the ecosphere by generating the perfect quality product, that further supports fair business and industry practices. It is absolutely essential to ensure the weighbridge manufacturer that is selected by the company to supply the weighbridge is registered (like Kanta King). The weighbridge should have an operational license and should also follow the protocols that have been established by a licensed weighbridge manufacturer. Waning to choose a licensed and a qualified weighbridge manufacturer is equivalent to promoting unethical business practices and the industry as a whole. If we dig deep, it also promotes and encourages pilferage in large scale industry operations where it is hard to detect the same.

But picking the right weighbridge, the creator eases the legality process. The correct choice of weighbridge manufacturer is the most important step in the right direction because the stamping, the warranty, the registration and the guarantee of quality come under the horizon of the manufacturer. And Kanta King is a 100 percent trustworthy in this scenario. In countries that do not use a systemized weighbridge segment, the effect of an unauthorized weighbridge is borne directly by the end customer who use the weighbridge service. For example; XYZ construction co. purchases and installs the weighbridge from an unauthorized weighbridge manufacturer who doesn’t have the legal documents(paperwork/invoices).

The weighbridge is now operational, and the construction company uses the weighbridge to evaluate and recheck the iron rods and cement received by the supplier. Now because the weighbridge is of an irregular standard, the discrepancy in the weight could range from 50kgs up to 800kgs. Some may use it as a leeway to steal. There may be a lot of pilferage and unsolicited under-the-table deals too. So, a right kind of weighbridge manufacturer is imperative to remove unwanted problems like these. Moreover, for a first-time user, it would be easy to access these as they will receive the guidance on how to avoid any issues in the first place. And they would not have to face the problems mentioned above.


We at Kanta King assure you that we would provide you nothing, but the best. The Weighbridge parts (plates, load cells, computers, software) are installed, and it is handed over only after a thorough audit that follows. We truly believe in the integrity and honesty in the field of weighbridge solutions with an ultimate aim to provide most accurate weight using high performance scales in the Weighbridge.

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A Transducer is a device that converts variations into a measurable physical quantity i.e., pressure into Electrical signals or the other way round. Strain Gauge, Hydraulic and Pneumatic are the commonly used Transducers. Strain Gauge is the used in numerous industries like Automobile, Medical and Weighing etc. Load cells are also a type of force Transducer.

The process of converting forces into electrical signals is called Transduction. Transducers can be segregated into two broad categories based on the Energy conversion; Mechanical Transducers and Electrical Transducers. Mechanical Transducers convert physical quantities to mechanical quantities whereas, Electrical Transducers convert physical quantities to Electrical quantities, as the name suggests.

The different types of Transducers are:

Sensor: A type of transducer that reacts to a signal from a physical system. Usually, a signal is produces which gives out information from the system and this information is further used by a control system. These sensors can be subcategorized into active sensors and passive sensors. Active sensors require an external power source to function whereas, passive sensors do not require this. Active sensors can produce amplified signals whereas, Passive sensors are direct sensors that can change their physical properties.

Actuator: It is a device that is responsible for the movement and controlling of a system. It can be controlled manually or through signals from controller system. It is operated by a source of energy and the energy is converted into motion. This source of energy can be anything from mechanical force to a pneumatic pressure.

Bidirectional Transducer: This converts the physical energy to electrical signals and vice versa. A relevant example of Bidirectional Transducer is an Antenna which converts radio waves into electrical signals that can further be used by the receiver.

On the conversion of the signal. there are two types of transducers , Analog and Digital. These are available with an option of input and output to choose from. It depends on the type of signal that is being controlled.

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