Weighing systems for industrial processes we provide industrial weighting solutions and devices to measure the volume of raw materials in the input control, monitoring inventory, additional weighing and doses in various phases of the production cycle, etc.

Our company is one of the trusted companies that have a wide range of automation systems for Weighbridge. The goods are produced by experts using the finest material and advanced technology according to industry norms.

Automation weighting is a method used to automatically calculate item weights. Such systems calculate materials from the raw material phase up to the finished product process in all industries. Industries are increasingly relying on the weighting methods as these methods provide high precision and can also be used in many ways. The first way is that it detects weight measurements and transforms them into electrical shapes. Weighing automation system works two fold.

Silo Weighing / Tank Weighing Solutions:

Weighing machinery is installed/configured according to the design specifications at the facility and the weighing function for indirect determination of filling rates or as feed device for raw materials and auxiliary materials. We deliver the best options for your work if you are interested in weighing liquids, powders and granules.

Customer criteria or specifications can be implemented for existing containers/components for industrial weighing technology. You may show the weighing results locally or in a control room. We provide interfaces to enable the systems to visualize data and transfer them to the process control system.

Good machines for weighing:

Such weighing equipment is used to detect free flow or free movement of bulk materials. It is necessary to ensure a low variance in grain size and grain density to achieve a high degree of precision in weighing performance.

Moreover, a substance’s high fluidity is a requirement for an exact weighing outcome. Not only are unnecessary losses avoided, but potential contamination of the building is prevented, by hermetically sealing the weighing device. This is a highly reliable weighing process which results in deficient maintenance.

We will contribute to satisfying your needs for deciding in-house flows.

Loader Weighing Scales:

We sell loader weighing systems as kits that can be mounted on any wheel loader, backhoe or tractor within just a few hours. In the cabin of the machine are the working and viewing components. The consumer can stay focused on his job with the simple weighing equipment service.

The programming unit can be adjusted to work with multiple types and shovel weights of hydraulic systems, making shovel change simple.

It is also necessary to balance the degree of use of the shovel (loss of shovel material). The weighing data collected can be processed, printed or sent by GSM in your cabin.

Scales for belt weighing:

We are commonly used where weighing raw materials and additives on belts is needed simultaneously (dynamic balancing).

It is simple to install and easy to attach with our industrial inline weighing technology. The systems are highly shielded from dirt and need low maintenance. For very harsh manufacturing conditions, it provides high precision.

The systems are fitted with application-specific speed detection sensors. The weighing systems of the conveyor belt achieve full precision.

Detectors of metals:

In conjunction with the identification of metallic parts in manufacturing, industrial weighing machines are also frequently used. Metallic parts can damage computers in the production process or contaminate the final product due to a production process by itself or already contained in the supplied raw material.

The discovery of stainless steel, ferrous, non-ferrous metals and aluminium components during service is assured in our metal detection equipment. This enables the elimination of these undesirable metals from the flow of material and thus does not affect downstream weighing devices and other machinery.

Weighing in motion:

Growing online retail companies need in-motion weighing machinery for industrial production. Products on the packaging line must be measured statically or dynamically.

The weighing platforms must be adjusted to product measurements and weights. In the PLS (Production Lead System) of the client, several interfaces and software protocols and programmable controller units help to achieve an efficient process. Briefly, in-motion weighing scales simplify the distribution process greatly.


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