Thanks to the increase in industrial automation, the tank weighing system in India has become increasingly popular. The trunk weighing system consists of a load cell junction box and weighing controller. In fact, any existing or new installation of tanks can be successfully converted into a tank weighing system.

For weighing the tanks, the load cells are placed under each foot of the tank/hopper/vessel and then the load cells are connected to a weighing controller through a junction box which is used to compensate the signal difference between the cells. The tank can be mounted on a different number of pedestals depending on its category and the number of load cells depends on the number of pedestals the tank contains.


The force is transduced into an electric signal that can be computed and standardized. The increase of the force applied to the load cells is directly proportional to the change in the electrical signal. The user can obtain the data on the Digital indicator, in the computer system, on his mobile device or even by SMS.

The below points need to be considered while installing load cells in tanks.

  1. The tanks are frequently subject to weather conditions or effects related to production. When new upright tanks are created outside (silos, coal hoppers, etc.), the building regulations need to be observed for the relevant structures.
  2. The tank must rest on three bearing points then the optimum arrangement of load cells become possible and the correct weight of the tank can be determined.
  3. The overall load should be distributed as evenly as possible over the three load cells.
  4. The centre of gravity of a filled tank should not be higher than the bearing points of the tank . for stability the Centre of gravity needs to be lower than the bearing points.
  5. The number of load cells used also depends on the shape of the tank. For instance, the circular tanks with lower capacity can be placed on three load cells whereas the heavy and rectangular square tanks should be placed on four load cells minimum. In the case of cylindrical tanks, three load cells can be mounted at equal distances from the vertical axis of the tank and are 120° apart. The maximum number of load cells needed for usage depends on the requirement and size of the tank.
  6. The systems should be fitted with uplift protection to protect the tanks from dismounting.

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