Top Weighbridge Manufacturers & Suppliers in India

The weighbridge ecosystem holds a very essential spot in the industrial ecosystem and weighbridge manufacturers play the same role in supporting the ecosystem by creating the perfect quality product which is further going to support fair business and industry practices. It is absolutely essential to make sure that the weighbridge manufacturer that has been selected by a company to supply the weighbridge is a registered weighbridge manufacturer, has an operational license and is following all protocols that have been put in place to be a licensed weighbridge manufacturer.

Failing to choose a licensed and experienced weighbridge manufacturer is equivalent to promoting unfair practices in business and the industry as a whole. Going a step deeper it also promotes and encourages pilferage in large scale industry operations where it is hard to detect pilferage.

Choosing The Right Weighbridge Manufacturer Solves Most of your Troubles

But choosing the right weighbridge manufacturer solves most of your troubles as far as the legality of the weighbridge is concerned. The correct choice of weighbridge manufacturer is the biggest step in the right direction because the stamping, the warranty, the registration and the guarantee of quality come under the purview of your manufacturer. In countries that have an unorganized weighbridge segment the effect of an unlicensed weighbridge is borne directly by the end customer using the weighbridge service. For example: XYZ construction co. has purchased and installed a weighbridge from an unlicensed weighbridge manufacturer without the legally required paperwork/invoices.

The weighbridge is now operational, the construction company uses the weighbridge to assess and recheck its iron rods and cement received by the supplier. If the weighbridge is not of the right quality, there could be variations ranging from 50kgs up to 800kgs. Imagine the kind of leeway that will be created for theft, pilferage and under the table deals. With the right kind of weighbridge manufacturer these problems will never exist in the first place. Moreover for a first time user, not only will these problems be eliminated they will also receive guidance on how to avoid any issues in the first place.

In today’s day, most manufacturers offer electronic weighbridge ranging from ten tons to one hundred and fifty tons in India and they vary in shape and size and come in sizes starting from 6m x 3m to 18m x 3m.

A well-established weighbridge manufacturer should be able to provide at least 3 out of the following types of weighbridges:
• Electronic Weighbridge.
• Pit Weighbridge.
• Computerized Weighbridge.
• Pitless Weighbridge.
• Mobile Weighbridge.
• Mechanical Weighbridge.
• Concrete Platform Weighbridge.
• Digital Weighbridges.

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