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T35D (Digital) Load Cell

This digital stainless steel self-centering rocker column load cell is fully welded and hermetically sealed, with protection to IP68/IP69K. It is an ideal solution for weighbridges/truck scales thanks to its approval to OIML C4 (4000 divisions), as well as in-built lightning surge arrestors and a tough, durable polyurethane cable.


It has an open protocol, so it can be used with virtually any weight indicator. Anti-rotation is achieved by means of 2 flat faces on either side of the load cell base, with corresponding flat faces in the lower mounting cup. Digital load cells possess many advantages, compared with analogue load cells – such as much faster and simpler corner adjustment, as well as individual load cell fault diagnostics.

For use in weighbridges/truck scales a set of zinc plated steel mounting adapters, centering discs and bolts is available as an optional item. For applications in aggressive environments where stress corrosion or acid attack could be an issue, a special Parylene coating can be specified as an option.

  • Open digital protocol

  • Fully welded and hermetically sealed to IP68/IP IP69K

  • In-built surge arrestors for lightning protection

  • Simple and fast installation

  • Configuration and software can be updated using serial interface

  • Self-centering rocker column design with anti-rotation faces

  • Mounting cup accessories available

  • Digital interface RS485 (full duplex)

  • 3 year warranty

  • Load Cell Capacity Available 30 / 40Tons

Advantages of the digital T35D load cell over the analogue T35 load cell:

  • Higher resolution (up to 1,000,000 steps from zero to full scale)

  • Intelligent compensation for each individual load cell

  • Easier, faster maintenance with continuous, individual self-diagnosis

  • Direct PC connection via RS485 bus and RS232 converter, up to 1200 metres away

  • Internal signal filtering

  • Higher protection against EMC interference

  • Simpler and faster corner adjustment

  • Remote diagnostics via modem using direct PC connection

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