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Silo / Tank / Hopper Weighing

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At Kanta King, we have a range of OIML approved load cells, weighing assemblies and instrumentation / electronics for accurate measurement during loading or unloading of bulk solids and liquids.​ For communication with external systems, several different protocols are available.​


By installing a silo, tank, hopper, bin or bunker on top of load cells, the weight of the contents can be determined (in kilograms or tonnes) with a very high accuracy (from approximately 0.1%) and easily passed to external data systems.


Silo, tank, hopper, bin or bunker weighing systems are generally used to determine the amount of material emptied into a truck and/or for inventory management. It is often very important to know the amount of material stored in a silo at any time.

Our Solutions

During the installation of load cells under a silo, hopper or tank there is the potential for the load cells to be damaged accidentally by welding processes or shock loading when the silo is lowered onto the weighing modules, for example. Our solutions minimise that risk.

  • Up to approx. 100,000kg (100 tonnes) total weight of silo / tank / hopper, we've:

    • a unique, patented weighing modules, which are the industry benchmark for a repeatable, fit-and-forget weighing solution that makes the installation simpler, faster, safer and reduces the chances of load cell damage. No hydraulic jacks, or other lifting tools, are needed during the installation ­ because these unique weighing modules have an integral mechanism to lift the silo into the raised position whilst the load cell is installed ­ then lower the silo into the weighing position. This can all be done when the silo is full of product so production processes do not need to stop.

  • More than approx. 100,000kg (100 tonnes) total weight of silo / tank / hopper, we've:

    • an extremely robust load cell with high accuracy  and  repeatability, a very strong weighing module and a long history of dependable performance. It is the world benchmark silo weigh  module.

    • an integrated load cell and weighing module, enabling very fast and simple installation whilst accommodating significant vessel movement due to thermal expansion and contraction.

    • a Silo Assembly that provides a cost-effective, OIML R60 C4 approved weighing assembly up to 60 tonnes capacity per leg, with up to 1,000,000kg capacity per leg also available.

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