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Weighbridge Calibration

The accuracy and reliability of your weighbridge are pivotal to your business's efficiency and compliance. At Kanta King, we specialize in delivering meticulous Weighbridge Calibration Services tailored to uphold the highest standards of accuracy and performance.

Ensure the precision and compliance of your weighbridge with Kanta King's comprehensive calibration, service, and support capabilities. Reach out to us today for details on how we can optimize the performance of your weighbridge and safeguard your operations.

Comprehensive Calibration Services

Key Factors Affecting Weighbridge Accuracy

The performance of your weighbridge hinges on several critical factors:

  1. Mechanical Design and Build Quality: The structural integrity and craftsmanship of the weighbridge directly impact its accuracy and longevity.

  2. Quality of Critical Components: Components such as load cells, mounting hardware, and instrumentation play a crucial role in ensuring precise measurements.

  3. Calibration Procedure: The effectiveness of the calibration process is paramount in maintaining the accuracy and reliability of the weighbridge over time.

Importance of Regular Calibration

Regular calibration is imperative to ensure the ongoing accuracy of your weighbridge. Ideally, checks should be conducted every 12 months to uphold precision and compliance standards. Owners of trade weighbridges bear a legal responsibility to ensure their weighbridges remain within legal tolerances. Failure to comply with these standards can result in prosecution, fines, and even the closure of non-compliant weighbridges by the authorities.

Legal Compliance and Component Replacement

It's crucial to note that any replacement of critical components such as load cells or instrumentation necessitates re-testing (re-verification) of the weighbridge. Replacement components must be approved by relevant authorities for the specific weighbridge design/make to maintain compliance. Inaccurate weighing can inadvertently lead to vehicle overloading, exposing businesses to potential prosecution.

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